About The Glamniac

About Kathleen St Fort

Glamniac…Glamour. Beauty. These are my hyphenated first names.

Here are some things you should know about me, Kat The Glamniac:

The main reason why I started this site is the main reason why most people start beauty, fashion and style blogs: I love fashion and all aspects of it. I think a lot of times we love fashion to the point where we want to live every minute of it with the players in the field. The Glamniac is here to provide you with behind a scenes look at the people in the world of fashion. Watch out for beauty product reviews, fashion reviews, and Q&As with fashion industry insiders.

One of the first self-help/fashion books I read was a vintage book that her aunt passed on to her called How Do I Look  by Gale Hyman. I never read it cover to cover, but still remembers this line from it, and bear in mind, this is a paraphrase: “Every time you go out the door, you should dress as if you’re going to bump into your worst enemy. ”


Speaking of accessories and going back to the Hyman book, one of the things she emphasized is buying accessories to dazzle an outfit. It wasn’t until after high school that this really, really penetrated in the crevices of my little brain.

I love perfumes. I once got Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden as a gift. Loved it.

I love clothes, perfumes, purses and shoes. I’m starting to get a liking for scarves. I love fashion books, which is why I am starting a Fashion Book Club on the site.

I am a big believer in healthy eating and I am always looking for ways to do so.

My non-fashion interests include film, books, music…now to think of it, these intersect somehow, so maybe they’re not so non-fashion. One of the aspects of film I like, is costume design. I love watching classic films.

If you need to contact me for any reason, to work with me, to suggest yourself or someone as a story or interview subject, my email is Glamniac(at)Gmail(dot)com. Hesitate not, to get in touch with me, oh glamniacs.

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