Multicultural Weddings

How Multicultural Couples Implement Cultural Traditions On Their Big Day

South Florida is home to many cultures, and couples in South Florida tend to want to implement cultural traditions in their ceremonies and receptions. Here’s a look at 10 multicultural weddings that caught our eyes!

1. Idonesian
Multicultural Weddings
[Photo Credit: Asakara Photography]
The bride wore an off-white dress and a traditional headdress. The couple chose to wear matching bottom patterns. The bride’s bouquet was brought directly from Idonesia to inspire nostalgia in the 200+ plus guests who have roots in the country.

2. Nigerian
Multicultural weddings Nigeria
[Photo Credit: Adufe Weddings]
Martina and Jerry are first-generation Nigerian-Americans. They flew in a traditional village storyteller from Nigeria to perform prior to their first dance.

3. Italian
Multicultural Weddings Floridians
[Photo Credit: Carmen and Dingo]
If you can’t go to Italy, the next best option is to bring Italy to you, and this is what this bride and groom did. Rice and lots of rice were shipped directly from South Tyrol, Italy and thrown at the lovely couple post-ceremony.

4. Floridian
Multicultural Weddings Florida
Floridian? Yes! Ashley and Jake brought Florida to their wedding in the form of seashells! The native Floridians thought it would be add a beachside flair to their nuptials, and it did!

Will you be marrying in this summer? What traditions will you include in your ceremony or reception?

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