Best Broward Bakery

Introducing Best Broward Bakery: Bakery Review

If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, check out Best Broward Bakery. I should have asked the owner how long it’s been around, but no matter! I don’t really frequent bakeries. Walmart and Publix are more than enough for me. Or so I had thought! Last December, my friend Toni was visiting from Connecticut and wanted to hang out. She asked me if I was in the mood for pastries and patties. I really wasn’t. Well, not really… But I wanted to hang out with her, and so I accompanied her to her destination…a little bakery South of Commercial Boulevard…I had driven past it before, but never batted an eye over it before.

It was late evening…a little after 6 p.m, and there were less than five people ahead of us.

First, the owner Moses was very friendly. He told us he had a fine dining restaurant in West Fort Lauderdale somewhere. Toni promised to check it out.

Now, I have to tell you that his patties were some of the best that I had tasted. They come in three different flavors: fish, beef, and chicken. Toni took a pack of six, and also got a smoothie. I, the reluctant tag-along to this bakery have made so many trips since that trip to Toni. Sometimes I came twice a week, and not for the patties…for the smoothies.

There is plenty of parking, so even on busy days, you won’t have to worry about. Saturdays seem to be their busiest times. Try not to come in mid-afternoon or near closing time…unless you’re ready to stand for a very, very long time.

Best Broward Bakery

It would be really nice if this bakery would participate in UberEats or offer online ordering. But I guess that’s something to be worried about at another time. For now, the patties are too good…not flaky…not stale…just patties that make you feel as if they were made two seconds before they were sold to you.

In case you’re going…here’s what you need to know!

Best Broward Bakery
960 SW 81st Ave, North Lauderdale, FL 33068
(954) 720-8311
Hours: 8AM–8PM Monday-Saturday

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