Fashion Book Club: #GirlBoss By Sophia Amoruso + 5 Lessons Learned


Folks who start businesses are always writing books. It only seems like a logical step on the branding pole. But, when I found out that Sophia Amoruso, the lady boss behind vintage retail empire NastyGal was going to publish a book, I was so ready to read it…like in the galleys-read-it-read it. Here are some things I learned from Sophia…

1. “When you’re a sandwich artist, don’t live like a CEO”.

You probably know one of those people who act like they’re balling, and they’re really not…it’s just for show. To me this was the best advice ever…live beneath your means, and even when you get to CEO-level, live like you’re still a sandwich artist.

2. “Money looks better in the bank, than on your feet”.

How many times have you walked into Macy’s and Nordstrom and spent a whole month’s salary on a pair of shoes or a purse? This same purse can get torn, can get stolen, can get snatched by a greedy/entitled relative…and the shoes…well, things can happen. Money is best left in the bank, where you can get access to it on a rainy day.

3. Set clear boundaries.

Sophia mentions how she got overly friendly with a fellow employee, and made a between-us comment to her during a meal. This said comment came back to bite the #girlboss in the gluteus maximus. What I gathered from that was: watch what you say around people, and if you’re in a situation where you’re a figure of authority, know your place. I think that Sophia Amoruso’s humble nature was just misapplied in this situation. She wanted her employee to feel relaxed around her; she wanted her employee to feel that she (Sophia) was “one of them”, but Sophia wasn’t! She’s the #girlboss

4. “Embrace your inner weirdo”.

Some of us aren’t made for the corporate world. We aren’t made for traditional careers, and that’s okay. We’re getting to the point where what our parents and grandparents did may not necessarily work in our lives and careers.

5. Don’t forget to treat yourself.

Sophia Amoruso gifted herself a shiny Porsche. Yay, for her. But keep in mind that when you treat yourself, you must be in a financial position to do so!

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