How I Became A Celebrity Manicurist—The Melissa Bozant Interview

You know you’ve got it as a celebrity manicurist, when no less than Lady GaGa has you do her manicures. Melissa Bozant is the celebrity manicurist in question. She’s given Lady GaGa Dracula-eerie nails. She’s given Jennifer Hudson French manicures for a magazine cover. And she was the one who polished the beautiful hands of Jessica Simpson for a magazine layout. When Kim Kardashian is getting the Cosmopolitan cover, the beauty editors at the publication can think of no one more qualified than Melissa to pretty up Kim’s mani.

Read on, dearest glamniacs, to see how she got her start, and how her career has shot up ever since.

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Glamniac: Who gave you your first nail polish bottle?

My grandmother. It was clear by Sally Hansen when I was 8 years old. I used to polish her nails.

Glamniac: When did you seriously start looking at being a manicurist as a career?

When I started working at Burke Williams after training with massage therapists and creating the experience for clients, I feel more in love with the Art of Spa Time.

Glamniac: Kindly take us through a day in the life of Melissa Bozant, celebrity nail and manicure artist.

I start with my morning 5:00 am journal [and light up] my pages with a candle. I focus on praying and thinking. I start with my inspiration board for future shoot’s and event’s. I plan events and theme parties weekly.

Glamniac: Your motto is: “Never Give Up On Your Greatness”. Towards the beginning of your career, how did you handle the downs, the hurdles and such?

There were times I wanted to throw in the towel, but I wasn’t going to give up on something I did naturally. I focused. Created a new way and re-created myself. I’ve always been a teacher. This came easy and became a passion to help young artists [and keep] creative energy [from going] to waste. There’s an artist inside everyone.

Lady GaGa

Glamniac: Your list of clients range from movie stars like Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union to music stars such as Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Sheryl Crowe. What’s the secret to building such a great celebrity clientele?

Being patient. Always be

prepared for the unexpected and belie in yourself. Powerful people and places bring and air of control and knowing when to be ready. Keep your kit packed and full of wonderful new products and tricks. Never bore your client always have a gift and something new.

Amber Heard

Glamniac: Motivational speaking is something you do a lot. If you were the graduation speaker at a nail tech school, and you were speaking to a roomful of new graduates, what sort of career advice would you give to them?

How many of you have a business card? How many of you know, you have just graduated to the $100,000,000.00 Dollar club. Look at your hands. They are your office and they can build a million dollar business with the right marketing and business tools today. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level check out my class “Becoming An Artist” for aspiring celebrity and future salon and spa business owners.

Glamniac: What should a girl keep in mind when she’s choosing a color for her manicure?

Is it for work or special occasion? Is it for vacation or everyday? Most legal and banking professionals play it safe with sheer to nude colors.

Melissa Bonzant Zoya makeup

Glamniac: What about in terms of supply buying, starting out? A lot of students newly-graduating from nail tech schools may have had to even take student loans.

Working in the field you can get freelance jobs where this will allow you opportunities to get free products. Often, if you work in trade, some companies will give you the entire line. If you have a beauty blog, this is an excellent way to get free product and evolve your kit.

Glamniac: Is there such a thing as too many manicures?

A manicure is needed depending on how much you use your hands. A polish touch-up [every] 4-5 days is recommended.

Glamniac: One of the things you made sure to do once you became such a huge success is to reach out to others. One of the ways you do so is through the Step Up Women’s Network. What can you tell me about working with that organization?

Step Up Women’s Network partners with professionals in TV, radio and creative writing giving teen graduate’s internship opportunities as well as sponsorship and grants.

Melissa Bonzant Celebrity Manicurist

Glamniac: What are some of your favorite products to work with?

I love MeBath bath balls, Mine Lacquer,CND, OPI and Cuccio, Checci Foot file, and Callous Eliminator. I’ve created an organic pedicure, with all-natural ingredients from my garden—hibiscus tea bath with essential oils, eucalyptus, tea tree with a hot green tea to drink. I’ve used this for clients with poor circulation and foot fungus. Natural remedies are always the best. For best results, get pedicures every two weeks with a polish touch-up between sessions.

Melissa Bonzant Celebrity Manicurist Jessica Simpson

Glamniac: Are there some trends that you feel will take over the field?

The stilettos have hit the ground running, but the color-blocking and nail art rave is going to be around for a few years. Everyone is wearing polish. Even men…

Glamniac: How do you stay on top of the nail game?

I stay around creative young people and I read everything that has to do with trends and fashion forecasting. Watching what people like, what they feel. Some things will always stay the same, but then we have these hot designers and creative artists who bring us something new and fresh.


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