What Goes Into Running An Online Boutique: The Owner of ClosetFreak NY Tells Her Story

Boutique Name: Closet Freak Boutique NY
Location: New York (Online boutique)
Founder: Jemima Brown

closet freak

How did the boutique get its start?

The idea of a store and boutique came to mind a year before I actually took action. Although it was a very difficult thought to process, my love and passion for fashion made me move forward—which is where the name Closet Freak comes from. I’m constantly updating my closet with the latest trends and must-haves which makes me and whoever shops at Closet Freak Boutique is a closet freak.

What are some of the things that customers will find here, but will not find anywhere else?

I take a lot of pride in my products and what I send out to the public. Our dresses are very different and more on the classy but also sexy side. Our accessories are very unique as well and often from overseas.

How do your days at the boutique begin and end?

Being that it’s an online boutique, my days never really end because I’m constantly on the computer, monitoring the website and checking emails. The days are pretty long, but I love and enjoy every moment of it.

Do you think there are some misconceptions about running a fashion boutique?

Yes! the biggest misconception has to be the idea that we all sell the same things. I tend to go a different route with my customers,targeting all audiences however more on the classy,chic side of fashion.

What are your words of advice to anyone wanting to start one?

The one thing I have to say is to be prepared to work hard. Constantly hustle. Expect high and low days. However, doing what you love will never hurt.

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