How I Became A Fashion Stylist: The Jordan Stolch Interview

Jordan_Stolch (2)Jordan Stolch is what is known as a boundary-eliminator in the fashion world. Splitting her time in Toronto and Los Angeles, the fashion stylist is responsible for creating the gorgeous looks that pop singer Cher Lloyd wore for her “I Wish” tour. For one of the shows, Stolch had the singer storm the stage wearing a leg-baring Sabo dress and skirt, with leather Stuart Weitzman boots, and lot of accessories, including an 80s-era bow by Tarina Tarintino.

Stolch doesn’t just dress pop stars like Lloyd. She molds looks for them that becomes their trademark. Don’t you look forward to the body and shape-complimenting Lloyd will wear every time she’s on the brink of hitting the stage?

Studying the looks that Jordan Stolch has worked up for Lloyd, demonstrates the fashion stylist’s fondness for layers, belts and accessories. For instance, for a promotional appearance outfit that Stolch put together for Lloyd, a Bryan vest is layered over a black Rag and Bone sweater and American Apparel jeans, and topped off with triangular Kate Spade earrings, and shiny Louise et Cie boots.

Celebrities like Lloyd, Pink, and Taylor Swift, aren’t the only ones who think of Jordan Stolch when they’re looking for an edgy-stylish look. Clothing brands like American Polyester and Three Dots also look to her to communicate fierceness to loyal and new customers. This is what we got from Jordan Stolch herself about how she came to be a fashion stylist.

Growing up, fashion-wise I was…always fascinated. I loved trying trends and new things. I look back on it now and laugh, because some were just terrible. In grade nine I went to school in white flared jeans and a news poor boy hat…..I thought I looked like Jennifer Lopez when in reality I looked ridiculous. I commend the younger me though – I took risks at a time in my life when it was already difficult to fit in.

The idea of being a fashion stylist first appealed to me when…I was quite young. I don’t think I understood it as a career to its fullest capacity, but the idea of helping people create an image for themselves has always appealed to me. I never saw myself dressing celebrities for red carpet and press events, that just wasn’t imaginable growing up where I’m from. I knew I would work as a stylist in some capacity though. My reality has far surpassed my vision as a young adult.

My first break...I’m still working towards it. My goals are always changing and always evolving. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel like I’ve had that moment.

Most people feel as if being a fashion stylist is the most glamorous job ever. But my work days are…long, physically intensive and exhausting. My friends think I have the most luxurious job in the world. They don’t see the running through the streets of Beverly Hills with garment bags, shopping bags and rolling racks though. They don’t see the unpacking and repacking of my car on a daily basis and the hours spent in traffic going to designers, showrooms, meetings and fittings. This is the most demanding job I’ve ever had in my life. That being said, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


They usually start off like this…very early wake up times, an hour and a half in the gym to get my mind in the right place and set the course of my day, a quick breakfast and then a meeting with my staff. This is completed by 10am, at which point we are all on the same page and ready to tackle the day.

The biggest obstacle I had to conquer in my journey was…believing in myself. I still doubt myself from time to time and get nervous for certain projects. I think that comes with high expectations. Believing in myself has really led me to reach new heights in my career while providing my clients with everything they need and more. A stylist who trusts their instinct and goes in a direction that they know will work, produces far greater results than the one who isn’t sure about anything.

While we’re on this subject, the three biggest lessons I’ve learned thus far in my line of work: never stop learning, never stop working and never give up.

Some of my favorite pieces from my closet are…a wide assortment of hats, belts and jewelry. I love accessories and can’t leave my house with at least 7-10. I don’t know how to tone down my day to day dress code. I love things a little over the top and outlandish.

My ideal intern…has an insane amount of drive in them and a dedication to their work ethic. They recognize how difficult it is to make a career in this field and want to put in the work. I love seeing hunger in people – I will always end up hiring them. These are the people you want to surround yourself with and help you build your vision.

Fashion school is…a great place to learn. Internships are equally important, if not more.

The biggest work-related fashion emergency I’ve had was…showing up to fittings or set with samples sizes far too large for the client.

And the way I handled that was…I’ve gotten quite good at on the spot alterations.

When a client approaches me for an assignment, I…research the client, understand who they are and what they like, identify their fans and their competitors and strategize a course of action for their fashion personality moving forward.

jordan stolch-magazine

The color I can’t do without is definitely camo and leopard. I know they aren’t colors [Laughter] because in my wardrobe they go with everything. I’m obsessed with print and anything interesting. Life is way too short to blend in.

My biggest piece of advice for someone who wants to become a fashion stylist would be…ensure you are willing to put in the work and dedicate everything you have to succeeding. This career is only available to those who really want it and those who are ready to take the necessary steps to get ahead.

Regardless of the client or the job, I have to have coffee on hand.

When all is said and done…I wouldn’t trade this job for anything. It is my life, my passion and my drive. I’m in love with what I get to do on a daily basis. As grueling and tiring as it is…as little sleep and social time I get, I have zero complaints. I’m so fortunate to have been able to make a career out of this.

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